Quick opening gazebo from mt. 3,00 x 3,00 square-shaped structure with octagonal aluminium profiles mm 33 x 39, roof cover white color polyester fabric fireproof according to European standards EN 13501 – 1:2002 and M2.

The gazebo“Master” is designed for quick and easy assembly in 1 minute with zero tools. We deliver a compact bag with the entire gazebo, opening the structure the pre-mounted roof is automatically stretched. Finally the feet can be adjusted to the desired height.

Weight Kg. 25,0
Free height: cm 201
Overall height:cm 325
Bag sizes: cm 42 x 42 x 154
Service: Cold Rental and Sale

  • Anchoring system (ballast with galvanized steel plates Kg. 28)
  • Side bulkheads made of polyester and fixed by a blind closure
  • Lighting (three 150 Watt headlights each and fixes quickly and easily to the central pole)