Bifalda marquees are useful for covering large surfaces.
The structures are built with a structure in silver anodized aluminum.
The roof cover is made of polyester fabrics coated in PVC with a flame retardant type Cl. 2. The cloth is positioned on the outside of the structure.
The side bulkheads use polyester fabrics coated in PVC blind or windowed of a flame retardant type Cl. 2 and can be opened with horizontal sliding.
The anchorage can be performed with stakes in the ground, chemical anchors or with ballast resting on special bases.
The height of the upright varies from mt. 3.00, mt. 4.00 or mt. 5.00

Possibility of modular compositions.

Structure: silver anodized aluminium
Sheet of cover: curtain in PVC darkening
Shape: square and rectangular
Dimensions: mt. 12.00 – mt. 15.00 – mt. 20.00 – mt. 25.00 – mt. 30.00
Length: modularity mt. 5.00
Height under crossbeam: mt. 3.00 – mt. 4.00 – mt. 5.00
Service: “rental all inclusive”, Sale


  • Roof and bulkheads in pvc cristall Transparent
  • Inner lining with draped white/écru fabric
  • Glass bulkheads
  • Rigid panels
  • Semi-octagonal front structure“apse”
  • Tip structure“cusp”