Passion, commitment, dedication: these are the ingredients of the success of Italtende, a company born in 1974 from the genius and inspiration of Ezio Del Grande. We are in Albisola and the activity concerns awnings for companies and individuals. The passion of Ezio infects the two children, Igor and Dario, and in 1996, as a small craft shop, it becomes a family-run company, which employs a team of professionals and experts in the field, coordinated by his nephew Claudio.

Italtende begins to grow and develop, both in terms of organisation and services; it is renewed and changes its skin, following the guidelines and needs of the customers to whom it is addressed, in an increasingly fierce and competitive market. In this evolution, what the Del Grande family manages to keep unchanged are the values on which Ezio had created the company: reliability, safety, customer satisfaction. And a job done with such passion.

1997 can be considered as the year of the turnaround: the Costa Cruise lands at the port of Savona– a port until then excluded from the destinations of the prestigious maritime company– and entrusts to Italtende the preparation of the passenger terminal. A collaboration that has been strengthened, and that will certainly continue to grow also in the next few years.

Italtende Noleggio Vendita Gazebo Albisola Savona
Italtende Noleggio Vendita Gazebo Savona Liguria

The company looks with greater optimism towards the future and in 2004 the umpteenth step forward: the purchase of a plot of land of 10,000 square meters, where the company sets its operating base and its roots.

The carpentry, the washing cloth department, the electrical one, air conditioning, and carpentry: sectors that, once enhanced, allow the company to distinguish itself unequivocally in the market panorama to which it addresses. We are in Via della Pace, where today is the headquarters and the beating heart of the company.

Over the years, and without ever losing sight of the reasons for which the company was created, Italtende becomes one of the leading companies in the Italian and foreign market in the field of rental and sale of facilities for the setting up of areas for fairs, meetings, shows, sporting and socio-cultural events, weddings, private parties.

Italtende has always been a brand synonymous with guarantee and reliability. Guaranteebecause all the materials supplied are accompanied by legal certifications, declarations of conformity, static calculations of resistance and are installed in a workmanlike manner to ensure global security. Reliability in service, which is taken care of in detail, where detail makes the difference.

A company that has been able to renew itself, preserving the characteristics of tradition and skilled craftsmanship that distinguish, since its foundation, the Italtende brand.

Italtende Noleggio Tendostrutture Savona Liguria
Italtende Noleggio Palchi modulari Savona-Liguria