The floor consists of platforms made with wooden planks prefixed on transverse strips that guarantee the interlocking and stability. The wood is treated with protective and fire-retardant paint according to the law.

We have 2 flooring models:
Raised wood flooring of 7 cm (for small differences in ground level) and with raised galvanized steel substructure of 13 cm (for large differences in ground level). The floor can be supplied raw (to be covered) or painted in wood colour (to be left visible).

The floor covering is available with carpet, synthetic lawn, coco, linoleum etc. all certified and approved by law. Depending on the style of the event and the slope of the ground, you can choose the best flooring solution.

We have aluminium footboards for the disabled(to facilitate the entrance) and to give a more elegant effect, the perimeter covering in almond aluminum.